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Lirik Lagu US (Baru)

STING The Empty Chair

If I should close my eyes, that my soul can see,And there's a place at the table that you saved for me.So many thousand miles over land and sea,I hope to dare, that you hear my prayer,And somehow I'll be there.It's but a concrete floor where my head will lay,And though the walls of this prison are as cold as clay.But there's a shaft of light where I count my days,So don't despair of the empty chair,And somehow I'll be there.Some days I'm strong, some days I'm weak,And days I'm so broken I can barely speak,There’s a place in my head where my thoughts still roam,Where somehow I've come home.And when the Winter comes and the trees lie bare,And you just stare out the window in the darkness there.Well I was alwa ...Read More

STING Inshallah

Sleeping child, on my shoulder,Those around us, curse the sea.Anxious mother turning fearful,Who can blame her, blaming me?Inshallah, Inshallah,If it be your will, it shall come to pass.Inshallah, Inshallah,If it be your will…As the wind blows, growing colder,Against the sad boats, as we flee,Anxious eyes, search in darkness,With the rising of the sea.Inshallah, Inshallah,If it be your will, it shall come to pass.Inshallah, Inshallah,If it be your will...Sea of worries, sea of fears,In our country, only tears.In our future there's no past,If it be your will, it shall come to pass.Inshallah, Inshallah,If it be your will, it shall come to pass.Inshallah, Inshallah,If it be ...Read More

STING If You Can't Love Me
Please sit down, just talk to me,We'll see if we can talk this through,I've tried so hard to understand it,Just tell me something that's close to the truth…I'd rather you were cruel than kind,Is all that I'm demanding,I've given up on peace of mind,For the open wound of understanding.You can't be here and someplace else,If your mind is in that other place,You're trying to convince yourself,But you're lying in my face,I've listened ‘til my head would spin,I don't want half of anything.The sand sits in the hourglass,Time slips through our fingers fast,Your counterfeits deceived me,If you can't love me this way,Then you must leave me.Tell me how it came to this,Just don't think to spare me th ...Read More

STING Heading South On The Great North Road
Many have gone before us now,Many have tried and failed somehow,Many a soul on the Queen's highway,Where many a tail light glowed,With the promise of a better life,Heading South on the Great North Road,South on the Great North Road.Only the dark we left behind,Will chase us as the road unwinds,But out of sight is out of mind,With many a debt still owed,And the promise of a different life…Heading South on the Great North Road,South on the Great North Road.Many a dog went wandering,To sup on fortune's dregs,And many a dog came straggling home,His tail between his sorry legs.Many a caged bird spread his wings,Many a vain bird crowed,And many a songbird lost her way,Heading South on the Grea ...Read More

STING Petrol Head
Lay down, and rest your head,Stretch your body across my bed,Just close your eyes, I'll take you there.That open highway's waiting where,You'll know me just like I know you,Where every gospel word is true.I'll drive this car, I'll be your guide,Just fasten your seat belt, let's go for a ride.I'll take you someplace that you've never been before,A place you might have only dreamt about what's more.Just one road in and just one road out,I know this country inside out.I speak in tongues, in tongues of fire.With sixteen wheels for my desire.300 horse in my V8,Close to one hundred MPH,And all the meters up in the red,Now don't you worry your pretty little petrol head.I'll take you someplace that you've ...Read More

STING Pretty Young Soldier
There are two young lovers, they're pledged to each other's hands,They meet by the river, to talk of their marriage plans. I'm confessing, he said, I've signed for a soldier,I'm leaving tomorrow for some foreign land. She watches the pretty young soldiers,As they march themselves off to the war.She wonders if she'll ever see him again,Somehow she doubts it, but she has to be sure.So she rode into town on the very next day,And dressed herself up all in man's array.With a sword and a musket she took the King's shilling,And to fight in some foreign war,She said, Yes!, she'd be willing.All you pretty young soldiers,In those uniforms that you've never worn.The Captain will come to inspect you all now, Let me d ...Read More

STING One Fine Day
Optimists say,The future's just a place we've never been.Histories say,We're doomed to make the same mistakes again.Between the two I can't decide,Really I must choose a side.I guess I’ll wake up smarter,One fine day.Apologists say,The weather's just a cycle we can't change.Scientists say,We've pushed those cycles way beyond.Dear leaders, please do something quick,Time is up, the planet’s sick.But hey, we'll all be grateful,One fine day?Today the North West Passage just got found,Three penguins and a bear got drowned,The ice they lived on disappeared,Seems things are worse than some had feared....It's progress of a kind,Who knows what else we're going to find?So do you trus ...Read More

STING Down, Down, Down
Strange, when you leave me, rain comes down, down, down.When you withdraw from me, towers come tumbling down, down, down.Here comes the sound that I've been waiting for,The sound that tells me when you're walking out my door.Rob me blind, defenseless, my heart sinks down, down, down.I can't wave, I'm drowning and sinking fast, down, down, down, down.Here comes the sound I've been expecting all these years,Here comes the sound of everything I've ever feared,Here comes the sound, the floors below me disappear,Here comes the sound, I force my fingers in my ears.I'm drinking from this bitter cup,The only place that's left is up,I could not fall no further than this, down, down, down, down.Here comes the sound of some ...Read More

STING 50,000
Another obituary in the paper today,One more for the list of those who've already fallen.Another one of our comrades is taken down,Like so many others of our calling.We tweet our anecdotes, our commentary,Or we sing his songs in some sad tribute,While the tabloids are holding a story of kiss and tell,That he's no longer able to deny or refute.50,000 voices rising every time he'd sing,And every word he ever wrote reflecting back to him.How well I remember the stadiums we played,And the lights sweeping across a sea of 50,000 souls we'd face.A serious drug that you could never kick,Or one that you couldn't imagine you'd ever replace.We flew like kites on the wings of amphetamine,Secured only to a bass line and a ...Read More

STING I Can't Stop Thinking About You
White page, an empty field of snow,My room is 25 below,This cold pen chasing ghosts,A road lies underneath the buried posts.Dogs search the under forest,We scour the empty streets,The fact remains until we find you,Our lives are incomplete.Do I hear laughter through a veil of snow and ice?Where could you be on such a lonely Winter's night?I can't stop thinking about you,I can't stop wanting you this way.I can't face living without you,That's why I'm searching night and day.This heart's a lonely hunter,These hands are frozen fists.I can't stop thinking about you,I don't care if you exist.Do I hear laughter from behind this veil of midnight?What are you hiding in the frozen heart of Winter?Somew ...Read More

Lirik Lagu Indonesia (Baru)

d Cute Juaraku

Lirik Lagu d'Cute JuarakuMalam ini untukmuKau memang juarakuMalam ini untukmuKau memang juarakuMalam ini untukmuKau memang juarakuMalam ini untukmuKau memang juarakuCome to me babyReally really than goodCome to me babyReally really than goodTernyata diam-diamKau menyukaikuTernyata diam-diamKau mencintaikuAku hanyut Dalam tatapanmuAku tak kuat Tak kuat lagiAku tak tahan Tak tahan lagi ...Read More

Indra Kesuma Ternyata Dusta

Lirik Lagu Indra Kesuma Ternyata DustaHoooooooo kejamKau campakkan Cintaku*MusicDinginnya angin malam iniMenusuk tulangMakin menambah perihnyaLuka hatikuHooooo ooooooKau campakkan akuGelapnya malamMakin menambah Gelapnya hatiku*MusicKu kira Orang yang ku sayangMenyintai aku Sepenuh jiwaTernyata Dirimu tegaMengkhianati cinta Yang kita binaBaru ku sadariTernyata ada cintamu yang la ...Read More

ION Band Aku Bukan Kacungmu
Lirik Lagu ION Band Aku Bukan KacungmuBaru bangun tidur Belum sempat mandiUdah kamu TelponinMata masih ngantuk Belum sempat dudukDisuruh anterinBelum nanti jemput kamuBelum nanti temanin shoppingNurut masih ngomel Nolak makin bawelApa maumuDiatur nggak mau Malah ngatur-ngaturSesuka kamuKu tak mau lagiBila kau atur aku begini begituSampai aku maluOrang mengira aku Kaya kacungmuOgahlah aku ogahlahSamakan kaya b ...Read More

Nada Band Tak Ingin Mendua
Lirik Lagu Nada Band Tak Ingin MenduaApa yang terjadi Aku tak mengertiSungguh tak bisa ku lupakan dirinyaDia yang selalu Hantui jiwakuSementara aku tlah ada yang milikiTuhan tolonglah akuBerikan yang terbaikAku tak ingin menduakan cintanyaTuhan Sadarkan akuDari mimpi IniAku tak ingin menyakiti hatinya*MusicTuhan tolonglah akuBerikan yang terbaikAku tak ingin menduakan cintanyaTuhan Sadarkan akuDari mimp ...Read More

Roy Ricardo Panjat Sosial (Feat Gaga Muhammad & Lula Lahfah)
Lirik Lagu Roy Ricardo Panjat Sosial (Feat Gaga Muhammad Lula Lahfah)Fenomena anak sekarang yeahhHobi pamerin barang yeahhPost di grup WA, SC, IG yeahDemi like dan komen orang yeahGaul tiap hari wajib ngePathAda selebriti dia pepetPencitraan nggak sesuai dompetMinjem duit mlu Kagak malu woooAnak nongkrong Ibu kotaUpdate gosip dan beritaGayanya sosialita Uangnya enggak adaBerrrrratCari simpati Buka kartuDemi status baru ...Read More

The Row Penjaga Hati
Lirik Lagu The Row Penjaga HatiTak pernah aku impikanBetapa beratnya Meruntuhkan hatimuLama sudah Ku menungguSeutas harapan Tulus cintamuTak pernah aku ImpikanBetapa beratnya Meruntuhkan hatimuLama sudah Ku menungguSeutas harapan Tulus cintamuTakkan ku temuiLelaki sepertimuTakkan ku dapatkanRasa cinta iniBayangkan Bila engkau datangTuk peluk bahagiakan akuSerahkan Seluruh hidupkuMenjadi Penjaga hatimuBayangka ...Read More

Bagindas Bila Benar Sayang
Lirik Lagu Bagindas Bila Benar SayangPerhatianmu Yang setiap waktuMembuat aku Makin sayang kamuJauhpun engkau tak melupakankuMengabari akuTapi mengapa Beberapa waktuTerakhir ini Ada yang berbedaTak biasanya Ku lama menungguTak biasanya Hatiku curigaAda apa sayangMengapa berubahHoo ooo ooooBila memang kauBenar-benar sayang akuKau takkan membuatKu mengemis perhatianSesibuk apapunEngkau pasti masihLuangkan ...Read More

Gamma1 Dari Hati Ke Hati
Lirik Lagu Gamma1 Dari Hati Ke HatiBegitu engaku ku banggakanTak mungkin sakit ku rasakanNamun apa yang ku dapatkanKau kini berpindah haluanTanpa ada alasanAku yang kau salahkanMelempar batu sembunyi tanganKau berpindah hatiDari hati ke hati Sakiti hatiTanpa kau pikirkan hatiku iniKau berpindah hatiDari hati ke hati Sakiti hatiDan tak kau hiraukan semua janjiNamun apa yang ku dapatkanKau kini berpindah haluan ...Read More

KK Band Selamat Jalan Sahabat
Lirik Lagu KK Band Selamat Jalan SahabatSepi terasa dirikuHampa tanpa dirimuMasih ku ingat semuaCanda tawamu sobatTakkan pernah ku lupakanWalau hanya sekejapMasih terasa kau adaTapi kini kau pergiBegitu cepat waktu berlaluKau pergi tinggalkan semua kenanganYang terindahSelamat jalan sahabatAku disini kan selaluBerdo'a untukmuDalam tidur panjangmuSelamat jalan sahabatKu takkan pernah melupakanKarena diri ...Read More

Sulung Band 1 Satu 2 Dua
Lirik Lagu Sulung Band 1 Satu 2 DuaSatu ditambah 1 Jadilah duaKau dan aku menyatu Karena cintaTiga dikurang 1 Pastilah duaKau dan aku saling rindu Karena cintaJangan pernah berubah Cinta kita berduaSelalu saling setiaTakkan pernah terpisah Cinta kita berduaUntuk selama-lamanya1 Satu Aku sayang kamu2 Dua Aku suka kamu1 Satu Aku Aku rindu kamu2 Dua Aku cinta kamuSatu ditambah 1 Jadilah duaKau dan aku saling rindu Karena cintaTig ...Read More

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